All in Programming

All in Programming

Borislav Hadzhiev

Hi folks, I'm Borislav Hadzhiev

You might have read some of my articles on bobbyhadz.com

I wrote this book to share everything I know about how to become a better, more efficient programmer.

I'm obsessed with optimizing everything I do because I value my time.

In my opinion, programming is about solving problems and managing complexity.

Solving a problem is not that difficult most of the time. What's difficult is to solve the problem in a straightforward way.

The book is mainly focused on:

  • solving problems (good vs bad solutions)
  • managing complexity
  • things you should learn vs things you shouldn't
  • things that will make you a better programmer vs things that won't
  • optimizing tasks you repeat hundreds of times a day
  • learning the fundamentals

The book is 148 pages long and the download consists of a single pdf file.

Here are the names of the chapters:

  1. Embrace the stuck
  2. Abstractions
  3. Take the time to understand error messages
  4. Be honest with yourself
  5. Question decisions made in your and third-party code
  6. What to actually learn
  7. Testing
  8. Focus on adding value
  9. A poor programmer is a poor programmer
  10. Stand out when applying for jobs
  11. Optimize every action you repeat hundreds of times a day
  12. Search for code examples on GitHub
  13. Read open source code
  14. Contribute to open source code

I have a unique perspective because I've been programming every day for more than 7 years.

This is not just a hobby for me. I've spent thousands of hours thinking of ways to save time and simplify everything as much as possible.

The goal of the book is to save you time in figuring out some of the stuff it took me years to figure out.

If you can apply just one of the tips that I've shared in the book, get a better understanding of some of the fundamentals or zoom out and get the bigger picture, the book has paid for itself many times over.

In fact, if you can do any of these things 1 month sooner than you would've otherwise, the book has paid for itself many times over.

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